I will probably do a longer recap of my 5-month long endeavor with React Native when I’m finished with 1.0 version of my app but this is a hot take on Why I’m not a React Native Developer.

Uncertain roadmap

React Native’s roadmap is uncertain, agreed, but I don’t think it’s a major concern.

Why? Other large companies like AirBnB, SoundCloud or Netflix depend on React Native too. If Facebook abruptly decides to stop development of this platform, there will be a long transition phase. It’s not like React Native will die on a course of a day or year.

My guess is that Facebook doesn’t make a strong commitment to React Native for a well-known reason - JavaScript. They probably want to use another language and it’s probably their very own Reason.

Patently daunting/silent

I don’t have too much to say here. My knowledge is very limited but it’s not even remotely worrying for me.


I get it. The author of that post loves Swift. I don’t like Swift, neither do I like JavaScript. JS is a pretty crazy language but it has one huge advantage over Swift. It’s simple. I started developing a React Native app with no previous JavaScript experience and didn’t feel inefficient right from the beginning.

Sure, it has numerous pitfalls but so does Swift. In Swift it is complexity. I’m constantly overwhelmed with its plethora of keywords. Its pedantic attitude to types is a marvelous remedy in some cases but sometime provides me with a headache.

JavaScript is unsafe. The post gives a pretty good overview of JS’s pitfalls.

The author mentions Flow which I use extensively. It might be the reason why I don’t despise JS so much. I have had very few runtime crashes up to date and 0 runtime crashes which were hard to debug.

The defensive argument

This is a defensive article. A more detailed write up on React Native will follow in the near future. Stay tuned.

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