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Software is eating the World. Enormous demand for developers results in hopeless, mass scale search for them. We get many messages from scouts and at the same time I’ve never met a colleague saying “wow, I got this amazing letter from a recruiter”.

Therefore, my fellow recruiter, I created a guide for you. How to write me so that I’m interested. It makes everything easier for both of us. Save your time.

One more offer

I got a mail from a “technical scout” a few days ago. It was not worse than any other. It was just normal; didn’t make me reply. I would like to quote and describe it to make a case for my final advice.

Hi Wojtek,

I’m ${NAME} and I work as a Freelance Technical Scout. I came across your work with Objective-C on your Github profile and also took a look at your LinkedIn profile.

You introduced yourself. Great! It is not so important where you found me. I’m glad you are interested. It is nice, but sometimes I get those weird, ugh, “technical” praise for my skills. If you want to appease me this way, you won’t.

I wanted to reach out to you as I cooperate with a start-up’s Berlin-based office. They aim at launching a new e-commerce platform which integrates new mobile (Apple Pay, iBeacon) and cloud (AWS) technologies in order to connect customers, stores and sales associates into a unified brand experience. They recently received an impressive funding of ${NUMBER} million USD and looking at scaling their platform and apps to a new level.

I got a lot of universal information which might apply to a crappy company as well as to a great one. I don’t know what you do. I don’t know who you are. I don’t date strangers.

You might find the following articles about them interesting:



Hm. If you attach an article, be careful. It is great… unless it’s an article on an amateurishly looking website I’ve never heard of. It usually looks like it’s bought.

I wanted to raise your attention to their expanding iOS team. They are looking for experienced developers who want to work with Swift. Do you think this could be interesting for you? In case yes, then I would be happy to have a chat about more details over Skype or Hangout after working hours (I’m in a different time zone).

Great but lengthy. Keep it short.

Thank you for your reply in advance.

Best wishes,


How to make me reply

The following list is presented in descending order. In other words, the first one is the most important.

Describe the following:

  • What the company does and why it is amazing. Tell me why I want to work there. Tell me about the product. I want to create amazing things after all.
  • What is the “stage” of the company. Is it a new startup? Is a product out on the market?
  • Size and structure of the team (including number of developers, number of developers in my future team)
  • Give me an example of what they work on and tell me what you want me to do. Be honest. Why do you want me? Are you slow? Are you developing new features? Scaling? Are you big and always looking to hire?
  • Salary range and form. I urge you to note those are only for information and might be negotiated.
  • The cool things at your company. I don’t pay too much attention to additional perks but it doesn’t hurt to include them.

Had you not follow these rules, you would have told me those things anyway.

Thanks for making our lives easier!

These are just my preferences but I believe they might be applicable to other people, too. Try it and find out yourself.

If by any chance you are a hiring company, do not forget; It’s also your responsibility. Spent some time on communication with a recruiter. Express who you are. You will attract some people. And if you won’t, there might be something wrong with you as a company.